Dutch-born photographer Natasja Kremers documents people and places. This design project was the development of a new aesthetic for her eight year old business, born out of a desire to better articulate her creative personality. Her previous brand aesthetic pigeon-holed her as a ‘pretty’ wedding photographer, and she instead intended to present a more crafted, gender-neutral and editorial semblance.

At the heart of this project is a custom logotype, built from scratch. The intention was to create a mark that, like Kremer’s photography, appears simple at first glance but nuanced: angled ‘e’ crossbars reflect the ‘r’ angles with heightened tear-drop terminals, a shortened ‘k’ ascender balances the heightened first upright of the ‘m’, and a deliberate upper aperture opening of the ‘s’ (and subsequently ‘e’s) is a nod to the opening of a camera aperture. The overall logotype shape uses differing letter-heights to create a rhythm reminiscent of repetitive shutter sounds.

As the brandmark is a typographic articulation of her photography - secondary elements of the suite are designed to highlight the craftsmanship of each.  ‘Photograph’ is based on Greek words meaning, ‘drawing or writing with light’, so a reflective copper-foil was a natural choice. The remaining colour-palette was purposefully restrained (e.g. paper-stock), to complement the tones in the photographs selected by the photographer, and to further expose the craftsmanship of the logotype. 



Visual Identity
Concept Development
Art Direction
Print Production


Photography –
Kremers ©2015